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Biographie For years, healthcare professionals have been stepping inside the operation room wearing surgical hats or caps or sometimes called scrub hats or scrub caps. Surgical hats are used to cover and hold back the hair during medical procedures. Alike hand gloves, scrub hats aid in keeping the operation room disinfected and the surgery sites free from contamination. Doctors, surgeons, and nurses prefer wearing them and, in some procedures even the patient might also need to wear a scrub hat.

A surgical hat must be worn to cover all of the hair, scalp, and ears to reduce shedding of dead skin particles and hair and safeguard the patients that are under procedure from infection. Even though a surgical hat might seem like a simple medical accessory, it is of prime importance during surgical procedures.

What are the Different Types of Surgical Hats?

Before you pick the right disposable medical protective hat for you, you must know about some of the top options available in the market. The four key types of surgical hats are:

1. Ponytail Surgical Hats:

These surgical hats come with an opening in the back to hold and keep in place long hair. They are also equipped with a pouch in which bigger hair can be pushed into for additional safety.

2. Pixie Surgical Hats:

These surgical hats have a close-fitting and are made for healthcare personnel with shorter hair. They do not possess a lot of extra space, so they aren't fit for a person with long voluminous hair. They are an ideal option if you have shorter and less dense hair.

3. Bouffant Surgical Hats:

Bouffant surgical hats are similar to a flattened chef's cap or an extra-large shower cap. If you have very long or dense hair, bouffant hats offer adequate amount of space to tuck in all your hair strands safely.

4. Disposable Surgical Hats:

Most of the surgical hats are made up of fabric, and hence can be washed and reused. However, there are some disposable surgical hats available in the market for those functioning in extremely contagious or hazardous areas where it might not be ideal (or desirable) to reuse a surgical hat. Disposable surgical caps are an ideal fit if you work in highly infectious environments.

Except for hat, there are many other objects needed during medical surgery such as disposable surgical clothing for medical use, hospital bandage, disposable infusion set, face mask, medical syringe, disposable bandage, disposable intravenous indwelling needle, etc. 
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